10 causes of heart disease and ways to stay healthy

10 causes of heart disease and ways to stay healthy
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Cardiovascular disease generally refers to diseases of the heart, blood vessels, veins, brain and kidneys. Hypertension and atherosclerosis are the main causes of heart disease. The structural changes of the heart and arteries with age are also largely responsible for heart disease. Heart disease usually affects the elderly. Men are more affected than women.

Heart disease can be of different types. Such as congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, hypertensive heart disease, core pulmonary (right side of the heart becomes immobile and breathing problems), cerebrovascular disease (blood vessels supplying blood to the brain), e.g. , Rheumatic heart disease (damage to the heart and valves due to rheumatism), cardiac dysrhythmias, etc.

Here are 10 causes of heart disease:

  • The risk of heart attack increases with age.
  • Men are more prone to heart disease than women. However, after menopause, the risk of heart attack in women is much higher.
  • Excessive anxiety increases the risk of heart attack.
  • If parents have heart disease, their children have a higher risk of heart attack. The main reason for this is the same eating habits and smoking habits of the family.
  • High blood pressure is a serious risk factor for coronary heart disease. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is extremely harmful to the heart.
  • Excess cholesterol in the blood is an important risk factor for heart disease.
  • The role of diabetes is very important behind heart disease. Chronic diabetes increases the risk of heart disease.
  • If you are overweight, the heart has to work harder to supply blood to the body. Which increases the risk of heart disease.
  • Physically inactive people tend to have heart disease. Lazy lifestyle is another risk factor for coronary heart disease.
  • The role of smoking is very important behind heart disease. People who smoke regularly are at risk of dying of a sudden heart attack.

Ways to stay healthy:
Heart disease is preventable in most cases. Prevention is easier than treating heart disease. This requires an idea about the disease and a desire to prevent it.

The exact cause of coronary heart disease is not known. However, high blood fats, smoking, hypertension and diabetes increase the risk of coronary heart disease (heart attack) and these are the main risk factors. Not only do these cause heart attacks, but they also cause fat deposits in the blood vessels of the body to cause more serious diseases such as stroke, gangrene of the legs, kidney disease, etc. By controlling these, the risk of all these diseases can be reduced.

It is important to know about the cure for heart disease, now find out how to cure heart disease or how to stay healthy.

  • The enemy of heart disease is smoking. So abstain completely from smoking.
  • Drugs like smoking are another cause of heart disease, so don’t say drugs.
  • Don’t worry unnecessarily. Try to keep yourself worry-free. Stay well.
  • Consult a doctor from time to time. Try to keep the blood pressure normal.
  • Try to control diabetes. Keep yourself healthy by walking and exercising regularly.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.
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