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10 important facts you should know about sleep
Daily Health Tips ,14.6,2020,

Now it is the time to prepare for the 100-year-old beyond the age of 80. We spend a quarter or a third of our lives asleep. Most of you don’t know much about this mechanism of sleep, which is a big part of our lives. Beauty is often ignorant, even though there is a lot of sleep, the sleeping princess in the forest, and many episodes related to sleep that fill our lives. When the sun goes down and it’s dark, I’m going to introduce you to this’sleep’ where your eyelids close. It’s called “10 important facts you need to know about sleep.”

  1. Lack of sleep affects younger people than the elderly.

Studies show that young energy requires a lot of sleep. People aged 18 to 24 are more affected by sleep deprivation than the elderly.

  1. Taking another hour of sleep helps prevent traffic accidents.

We know that when we have to wake up an hour earlier in the morning, we have to sleep an hour earlier. Statistics show a significant decrease in traffic accidents the next day after this happened. The lesson to learn from this is that it is important to sleep and rest before driving.

  1. People of the Victorian era were lazy.

In the days ruled by Queen Victoria of England, there were no artificial lights like today, so people would sleep for about 10 hours each night.

  1. Women need another hour.

One study found that women need at least an hour more sleep on average than men. If she is complaining about her sleep, remember that she needs more sleep than men.

  1. Teenagers need a lot more sleep.

Teenagers need about 10 hours of sleep a day compared to adults who need 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

  1. Sleep apnea is very common.

About 10% of people suffer from sleep apnea, which means they stop breathing for a short time. This can happen hundreds of times a night and is one of the main causes of snoring. Also, if you suffer from sleep apnea because of a bad heart, you should do a test.

  1. Half sleep animals

Some animals, such as ducks and dolphins, must always be awake. These animals do not use half of the brain, and the other half enters a half-sleep state and sleeps while only half is awake.

  1. Correlation between insomnia and body temperature

You may find it hard to fall asleep when your body is hot. Body temperature is closely linked to the sleep awakening cycle, which can interfere with sleep at high body temperatures.

  1. A lot of light can wake you up.

Light comes out of a chemical that wakes you from your brain to signal the beginning of a new day. For some people, this mechanism is very sensitive and even a small light can wake them up without knowing why.

  1. Lack of sleep is much like getting drunk.

Studies have shown that spending 17 hours without sleeping causes the same result as a driver with a 0.05% blood alcohol level.

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